How do you stay calm and maintain your balance in a rapidly changing world?

Calm+ gives you the essential tools that you need to unlock your ultimate potential, overcome anxiety and manage stress.

In this timely and engaging course, holistic education experts Crystal Lim and Dr. Gregor Lange have drawn on their insights from teaching over 10,000 people, from students to CEOs, to focus on simple but effective tools and techniques that are the secrets to thriving in the chaos of the modern world.

Using cutting-edge neuroscience, psychology and leadership research, unexpected facts, practical exercises and riveting real-life anecdotes, you will learn how to:

- Manage and reframe anxiety

- Use mindfulness to manage stress

- Overcome self-criticism and blame

- Develop resilience & overcome setbacks

- Connect to what matters in your life

Calm+ is about learning how to prevent fear from getting in the way of your success so that you can lead a happy and meaningful life!


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