Deep Human Resilience

Tools and techniques to overcome anxiety, manage stress and live a more joyful life


Overcome anxiety

Practical solutions for dealing with overwhelm and uncertainty

Intelligent self-care

Learn how to nourish your 4 aspects of self - mind, emotion, body and spirit

Focus & Self-mastery

Become more effective in all areas of your life from relationships to work

Deep Human Resilience Intro

Here's What You'll Learn

Drawing on our experience from teaching over 20,000 people from young professionals to educators to corporate leaders, we have pulled together the most effective, simple and powerful techniques to help you become more effective, balanced and less anxious in your work, relationships and life.

We'll show you techniques and tips for optimising the 4 aspects of your self:

- Mind - Learn about the healthy mindsets you need for resilience, mental reframes and practices

- Emotions - How to deal with challenging emotions and triggers

- Body - Calming and energising somatic practices to ground yourself and release anxiety

- Spirit - Connecting to meaning, purpose and values

By the end of our time together, you'll be well on your way to greater fulfilment and joy!


4 weeks of smart self-care & self-optimisation

4 weeks of video content

 4 weeks and more than 15 lessons and engaging videos to develop your resilience, calm and focus

Resources & downloads

Resources, downloads, hacksheets, exercises and a wealth of resources to help you design the life you want

Monthly Live Practice Sessions

Monthly online live workshops & practice sessions and "Office Hours" where Crystal & Greg answer your questions


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