Forest Wolf offers simple yet powerful online programs that focus on upgrading your "inner technology" - the skills, mindsets & beliefs that will help you thrive in the modern world. 

We have drawn on our experience from teaching over 12,000 people from executives to CEOs, students to distinguished academics, to pull together the most effective tools and techniques from neuroscience, psychology and leadership. We're excited to share them with you now. 


"Crystal and Gregor may be the first people in the world to (successfully) bring a mindfulness & EQ program to the entire freshman population of a large, world-class university. I'm impressed with their work.”

– Chade Meng Tan, Google Pioneer, 8x Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, NY Times Bestselling Author

Inner Technology

We offer the antidote to a rapidly changing world - essential skills and mindsets that will upgrade your inner technology.

There has never been more need for us to deliberately invest in our humanistic abilities such as self-awareness, mindfulness, growth mindset, empathy and resilience.

In a future of AI, inner technology will not only allow us humans to stay relevant, but also to lead happy and meaningful lives.

Participants in our programmes have seen significant increases in social emotional intelligence, resilience, workplace effectiveness and better interpersonal relationships.

Our Experience

We love teaching and have trained over 12,000 people from junior workers to CEOs, from students to distinguished professors.

We also pioneered Roots & Wings, a groundbreaking mindfulness and EQ based future-ready skills programme at the National University of Singapore, Asia's top ranked University and are regular public speakers on higher education, leadership and future-ready skills

We are passionate about unlocking human potential and combine industry perspectives and real-world know-how with intellectual rigour, using the latest technology from psychology, neuroscience and leadership.


Meet Crystal & Greg

Crystal Lim-Lange is a holistic education expert and mindset change agent. She is the founder of mindset change agency Forest Wolf, and previously the Director at the National University of Singapore (NUS)’s Centre for Future-ready Graduates. Her background spans investment banking, startups, leadership and education.

Gregor Lim-Lange is an expert on clinical psychology, social emotional intelligence and mindfulness, the co-founder of Forest Wolf and a Senior Lecturer at the National University of Singapore’s Psychology department. Greg delights in designing innovative curricula and programmes, researching outcomes and working with individuals, leaders, couples and families. He is also a highly sought after educator, psychotherapist, and mindfulness teacher.

"Dear Crystal & Greg, I'm so grateful for opening my mind, heart and spirit, unlocking hidden potential and overcoming limits" 

-  Young Presidents Organisation member


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